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Mission & Vision

The Ripon Chamber is ever focused on enhancing Ripon's business economy and providing opportunities for members to connect and thrive.


The Ripon Area Chamber of Commerce strives to be an advocate for business, serve as the primary catalyst for a vibrant economy that stimulates and retains jobs, and be the champion to create strong communities for the Ripon Chamber area, resulting in an enhanced quality of life.


We will cultivate and sustain meaningful relationships with our members, the business community at large, and communities throughout the Ripon Chamber of Commerce area. The board, staff, and volunteers will commit time and resources that enable our members to be informed about situations and circumstances that will impact Chamber members, connected, and responsive to economic trends. Our organization will proudly promote the free enterprise system, lead conversations and share in the action plans developed to propel our region forward in the areas of economic growth, public policy, talent development, and quality of life. The Ripon Chamber of Commerce is to promote a strong local economy, and provide opportunities for business leaders to network and build relationships. In addition we deliver programs which help businesses grow and improve, and represent business and advocate on its behalf with elected and appointed decision makers. Furthermore we strive to enhance business opportunities through community leadership and partnerships, promote Ripon through events and activities, and promote The Republican Party Birthplace Museum.


The Ripon Chamber of Commerce values…

  • 1. Integrity – We must earn and retain the trust built with all of our members and continually prove we will stand behind our members and our promises.
  • 2. Leadership – To be a champion for causes that empower our members and build value for the members we serve.
  • 3. Respect – We strive to support everyone equally and try to understand the diverse needs of our members.
  • 4. Courage – To strengthen our resolve in advocating for what we believe is in the best interest of our members.
  • 5. Perseverance – Using patience and resolve, even though ultimate success may not be immediate, to accomplish our goals.


strategic plan

Please click this link to view the Ripon Chamber of Commerce's Strategic Plan 2014-2017